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    Post by Admin on Sun Aug 02, 2009 6:42 pm

    Registration for
    Alliances and Access to Our Forums

    This is for those who'd like to join our forums and/or have an alliance with Carte Blanche.


    1) You don't need to be in a ring or group to have an alliance. If u r a solo player but would like to offer us a service in return for alliance with the ring leader, then you can register. This form goes to rings, groups, and solo/individual players.

    2) Please read our terms. Go here and read what we're about and what we can offer u as a part of our alliance.
    Our Theme. Our Goal. Our Mission. Our Alliance Terms.

    3) Register properly. Please fill out the form completely. Only post once. Don't spam. You have right to edit ur post. Post will be deleted once we have validated ur account. If u post vulgar things or spam, ur posts will be removed and we won't validate ur account.

    4) Register both here AND at normal registration. You must fill out form here after you've registered normally by clicking the Register button at top of forum page underneath the banner.


    - Carte Blanche Username: when u registered for this site, what username did u pick?
    - how did u find us?: please state what site u found us at. if u found us at a forum, plz provide ur forum username as well.
    - Reason for Applying: why did u decide to have alliance with us?
    - Talent: art, graphics, music, making you tube vids, sports, etc. what r u good at?
    - What Will u Offer us?: friendship, some kind of service, etc. what do u want to give to us? [btw, friendship is nice. ]
    - Opinion of Form: Was this form complicated, impossible, or easy/simple?

    Thanks for registering~ Twisted Evil

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