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    Our Theme. Our Pre-Goal/Goal. Our Mission. Our Alliance Terms.


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    Our Theme. Our Pre-Goal/Goal. Our Mission. Our Alliance Terms.

    Post by Uta on Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:58 pm

    Yo. This was copy/pasted from our previous forums but it has been modified. So please read through it one more time. Especially alliance leaders.


    Our Theme: Our theme is the way we "look". This list doesn't describe us. (Never heard someone be called dominion before). This is the kind of fashion the ring follows. It has nothing to do with personality. Only appearance. If u have the personality, it's not a problem, but again, this is the way the ring will look. Not the way everyone behaves or is supposed to act.: Dominion. Gothic. Emo. Darkness. Ebil. And all other stuff along those lines.

    Our Pre-Goal: To gather dominions of Emil Chronicle Online (including the people who like them) into one ring. However, ANY RACE can join.

    Our Goal: To establish a society in ECO. Make it more of a world. To satisfy this, players need to be able to have interest in other players, the economy and system of the community, and the ECO world itself.

    Our Mission: To reach our goal and to set an example for other rings. To be the #1 ring or at least one of the leading rings in ECO.

    Concerning Alliances~

    I don't think it's fair to be hostile and take over a group or claim that group without the leader's permission. It just doesn't make sense to me. So as far as I'm concerned, I and the other ring leaders part of our alliance r on equal footing. No one is in charge of the alliance. At least not until ring leaders get to know each other and every single one of the leaders decide that we have one. Then it would be up to the ring leaders to vote.

    Good buddies don't take over their buddies unless those buddies agree to it.... k that was a bit "off".. But yeah, that's what it is.

    Also, in case we do have an alliance leader, that leader *doesnt have right to completely run an alliance member's ring.
    *He/She doesn't have rights to violate the ring's privacy.
    *He/She doesn't have rights to give orders (especially ones that will effect the ring) without consulting original ring leader.

    In terms of competition of which ring should be best, that's up to the players of ECO to decide. It doesn't matter who's ring leader or not. Each ring will be judged as a ring. And in events for promoting the alliance we'll be judged as an individual ring AND an alliance.

    Next, just because I'm in an alliance with Bill and Jane doesn't mean Bill is in alliance with Jane. If the ring leader wants to form alliance with the alliances I have, I can try to pursuade, but I will not force the other ring to accept.

    ~Benefits I can give to rings in alliance with me would be to help promote their ring. I can't do with u all the things I do with my members. Different rings have different members. And different things work on different people. When I make promotions, I judge the attitude of the people I work with.

    I don't know the people in ur ring. Best I can figure out is a bit about the likes and behavior of the ring leader and what the ring specializes in or is based on. From there, I can make assumptions and come up with ideas to help you.

    I can also use whatever benefits I gain from other alliances to help u out. However, I'll warn beforehand that I won't abuse the benefits I've gained. And if u want to establish a solid alliance with the ones I'm getting benefits from, then I can help u on that too but it's not a guarantee the person will accept.

    So, that's pretty much the best I can do.
    It is an online game afterall. lol.

    Rlly, don't be scared by all this writing. It's just to make sure things r fair. Cuz I got into war with a certain ring because that ring tried to take over mine. And I didn't feel that was right. So to prevent these things from happening to anyone, I put my terms here. And to help get ur attention on what I think I can do for u, I listed benefits there.

    So to alliance partners, I hope these terms r good for u.
    And for people who want to be in alliance with me, this is what u'll have to deal with.

    ~ Uta


    Any questions concerning these statements, I will take them in this thread.

    I put this information here, not just because it's something u should know if u plan on being in the ring, but also because I can't accomplish these things on my own. If u want to see these goals achieved then u have to put effort too. I'll be depending on everyone, not just myself. So please take whatever steps u feel necessary for us to be #1. (Nothing illegal. Nothing that goes against ECO standards and rules. Nothing that defies the ring's standards and rules. And purposefully getting rid of people in the ring isn't gonna do anything but cause civil-fights. @.@)

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    Re: Our Theme. Our Pre-Goal/Goal. Our Mission. Our Alliance Terms.

    Post by Admin on Mon Oct 12, 2009 11:25 am


    We have merged with Rare Hunters ring.

    Carte Blanche will specialize in entertainment. Making and running events. And performing creative and imaginative acts like a circus troupe would. We've become an entertainers' ring instead of a militaristic ring and our focus is on having a good time.

    peek-a-boo. but i can't see u.

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