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    URGENT: Change In Power of Leadership & Formation of Ring


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    URGENT: Change In Power of Leadership & Formation of Ring

    Post by Uta on Sun Oct 11, 2009 1:03 am

    k 1st off, I will start with this message..

    I've enclountered a certain problem and I am not sure of how to get past it. So I'm doing things the only way I see is fit for now.

    I've decided to change how things are run. Each general is allowed to run their ring however they see fit. We wil have annual meetings to check on progress and make necessary changes if needed. Since I created Carte Blanche, of course I will be curious as to what's going on with it and what possible ways there r to make things better and possibe suggestions to give to ring leaders.

    However, keep in mind rings (squads) r now in independent leadership under Carte Blanche's name.Our specified time of annual meetings to check the rings (squad's) status is undecided. As far as I'm concerned, u r all independent ring leaders under the brand of CB.

    If u want more of a clear picture on how we r doing things, Carte Blanche has become like an organization of some sort. Each ring is independent. Ring leaders who wish to belong to Carte Blanche become part of it and carry our emblem. But besides our emblem, all of u r independent on ur own. Carte Blanche's jobs will be to keep everyone together and to make things more fun for eveyone through events and various benefits. I hope and ur ring do well. If u know anyone else who would like to open a ring under our name, pleaser refer them to us.

    Due to this alteration in terms of leadership, there will be changes we need to discuss. Please try to make urself available so we can speak.


    For members who r not generals and/or do not have a special task position (special task positions -> magazine team, video editing team, etc.)
    we will still be trying to group u in same manner as before into squads. However, eco is a MMORPG.
    We need to start adding some anticipation and RPG goodness to our methods. So here r a few things to take note of...

    1) All members have ability and freedom to open their own ring under our name. When I say "under our name" I mean that u use our logo and associate with us. U have ur own ring but u r still a part of Carte Blanche. And Carte Blanche will do what it can to help u and ur ring grow and stick together.

    2) All rings in Carte Blanche r entitled to fair competition with each other if that's what they want, however, we r one huge ring together. Even if u make a ring and stay with 0 prestige/fame, it doesn't matter. Every member is special. Because the ring's main goal is to bring joy and make eco more of a fun place.

    3) Members are allowed to choose which squad to be in. All rings under Carte Blanche must follow the rule of being open to all who wish to join. However, ring leaders r allowed to put certain specifications needed to join their ring (squad).

    4) For members who do not want to be in any of the squads (rings), they have 2 alternative choices.

    1st alternative is to pitch in with a creative and helpful job in the ring's main base. Such as joining magazine team. Making eco videos as advertisement for the ring. Making websites or helping with forums. Trying to make money. Trying to raise main base's prestige/fame. Or any funny and odd task there may be. Even helping with events such as gathering items for events and helping to keep the event organized. Maybe even performs acts of entertainment like a circus team. It's possible. Let ur imagination grow, whatever the fantasy is, we will do what we can to make it real.

    2nd alternative if u do not wish to help us in that form or to join a squad (ring) is to make ur own squad (ring). That;s right, u can make ur own. Run the idea by me. Tell me what the ring is based on. What u want to do with it so I can help. (even if it's a ring for something simple such as "people who love to eat ice cream" it will be approved). And tell me what it is u might need. What is u feel we can do to help. Give me the name of the ring, and u r registered as a independent ring under Carte Blanche. We send u our emblem and u add it when u have enough prestige. Carte Blanche does not need to be in ur ring's name. However, u will need our emblem so we can recognize u.

    If u want ur own emblem u must include Carte Blanche in ur name. That way u will be approved as one of us. But this is only if u want to use a different emblem from ours.


    There may be a bit more to say, but this is all I can say for now.
    If u like this idea and approve of it, reply to this post and say
    "I Accept".
    If u do not like thise, reply to this post and say
    "I Object" and state the reason why u dislike this change.

    I hope this works out for everyone.

    - Uta

    P.S. - if u misunderstand something PLEASE SAY SO. Some people get nervous or upset because they misunderstand. Don't feel bad about it, speak up and confirm it if u r not sure about what I said.

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    Re: URGENT: Change In Power of Leadership & Formation of Ring

    Post by smiley on Sun Oct 11, 2009 2:25 am

    I object.

    I feel that it's becoming very messy. Too many changes in a short span of two weeks.

    But that's not really the problem. The problem, is that if we go ahead with what you propose, there's going to be a lot of Mini Carte Blanche sub-units. It might be clear to the Generals or Big Boss (Uta) how many sub-rings there are or the total number of people in Carte Blanche, but to normal members, we have no idea what's going on quite a lot of the time.

    To top if off, if any of those sub-rings do unknown stupid things that just cause the name of Carte Blanche to go down, there's nothing we can do about it, since it's their own ring.

    The control is getting just a little out of hand if you ask me. Honestly, right now I have no idea how many people are actually in the Ring.

    Especially since each meeting I go seems to end up with only 5 or so people appearing :O

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    Re: URGENT: Change In Power of Leadership & Formation of Ring

    Post by Dievan on Sun Oct 11, 2009 5:49 am

    Oh well... Yesterday i missed the meeting again but since it was at 4 am here <_<
    But i have to quote smiley, doing that won't help on the contrary there could be some serious problems.

    Obviously Carte Blanche need to be reorganized my suggestion are:
    1° We need to know who is in Carte Blanche and what he do.
    To do that we should make a list of all the members with all the useful infos, Name, job, job in the ring, what ring/squad is he in etc.
    New ppl that join NEED to be able to get ALL the infos about the rings, i've joined a while ago and still i don't know who i should ask to join one of the rings... I don't even know how many rings there are and who is a member of Carte Blanche <_<
    2° Use the minimun numbers of in game rings.
    There are many problems of communication between the different ring so we should to don't use too many rings.
    3° Everyone should be registered and check this forum.
    This forum should be the place where everything is discussed and where ppl of differents ring can talk, so it should be really used <_<

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    Re: URGENT: Change In Power of Leadership & Formation of Ring

    Post by Uta on Sun Oct 11, 2009 10:38 am

    As a reply to both of u what I can say is this:

    Things are very messy. And I am not good at explaining things in a simple manner. Because of that, people get confused and do the wrong thing.

    You can find out more about the ring here

    After reading that, hopefully, u should be able to understand what we and what we're trying to do. After that u can ask me or Cobra or Bonnie or the other generals about further information.

    Concerning the squads, the original plan was to help everyone have some kind of guidance in how to build their character. Since not everyone is into roleplaying, even though eco is an RPG (role playing game), I decided to put a form of role play into the ring myself.

    Each squad has their own task or form of role play.

    If u want to make your character be an adventurer of some kind who travels from place to place helping people, maybe u can join the quest guide squad. You can go on different kinds of quests, see different places, meet and help different kind of people.

    If you wanted to be a healer and dependable person, then you would join the squad that trains healers and those who want to advance their abilities in supporting others.

    In the Jobs thread of the forums u can see the generals' names and a few info about jobs available and squads that exist.

    However, things have changed and it will need to be udated and changed because some generals are absent and are no longer able to keep their position right now.

    Now about this big change, I can understand that in the long run it might be troublesome because there are people who can smear our name. However, those people will be dealt with. Remember the annual meetings? And the fact that I am still owner of Carte Blanche?

    If they r doing something that is ruining our name, the only thing to do is talk it over with them. And if things don't change then they are removed and are to be no longer affiliated with us. Even if they have our emblem or our name in their ring name, they will be pressured to remove it or put to shame. I will only allow people to make rings after judging their sense of character. It is a very risky business, because even the generals over time could end up corrupt and having their rin follow their ways. But making a ring/guild is all about risks. There's always a chance of failure but there is also a chance of success.

    ^w^ But this really is the best alternative.
    I thought as ring leader that the generals could just guide people, while I still run their ring. But I have college. And I can only do what I'm capable of doing. Though u don't see much people show up in ring meetings we have around 30 members or more in Carte Blanche.

    I understand that the members are confused and even after reading this u will still be confused. All u need to keep in mind is what Carte Blanche is now. If u want to entertain / roleplay then u may have a position in the main base. If u want to help make money for or raise fame then u may have a position in the main base.

    If u r interested in being in one of the squads then please join them.

    I still have right to make squads and put people in charge of them. The squads I make, I will hold onto power over them to make sure everyone has a proper place in them. Such as the support squad and quest squad, but my hold will not be too strong. Even though u guys r worried about loyalty, the fact is that I cannot do all these things by myself. The generals are very much capable of handling things themselves. I will still consult with them and if there's a problem u can run it by me and I'll try to fix it. I already came up with a plan for that. So please try to give this idea a chance. It's the only thing I can do right now.

    If we don't do things this way, people will remain broken up and lost. Because I'm either studying, holding a guild meet, or trying to level my ranger so I can get rare items to give as gifts to members. It takes up all my time.

    Again, this is confusing you, I am very bad at explaining things. But Carte Blanche is forming something like a legion now.

    I will make a new thread with each currently existing squad. Squads we'd like to exist. And so on. Just pick from them and leave it at that.

    We r still one ring as a whole and I will do my best to keep things in order. We got off to a bad start because I started college the day of OB. Not many of the generals explained about how the ring works to members properly. Because of that it caused many confusions.

    Turning Carte Blanche into this new form is the only plausible way to rebuild things and put them in order again. And the only way to keep things running while I'm away. I hope that u bare with us. Some of the generals went missing since start of OB. I will have to replace them or diminish their squad. And some people left before OB and we didn't get replacements for them yet.

    Please be a little patient with us. We will try to get things working soon.

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    Re: URGENT: Change In Power of Leadership & Formation of Ring

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